Day: December 9, 2023

The Filmmaker’s Guide to Distribution and MarketingThe Filmmaker’s Guide to Distribution and Marketing

Film Distribution Books

Filmmakers are often frustrated with the lack of information on distribution and marketing. This book breaks through this chasm by providing filmmakers with a step-by-step nuts and bolts approach.

From one of America’s most renowned directors, this book explores the painstaking work that produces two hours of screen magic. A must-read for every director.

The Producer’s Business Handbook: The Roadmap for the Balanced Film Producer

Used in many film studies programs to teach the finance, distribution and business side of production, this is a book that every filmmaker needs to read. It gives in depth information to help filmmakers keep their production on track, in budget and on schedule. It also helps them to know what they are up against in an industry that is full of the same ambitious talent that they are trying to compete with.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business of entertainment and learn to successfully engage in all aspects of global production with this revised and updated handbook. Explore how producers cultivate relationships with key industry players including domestic and foreign studios, agencies, attorneys, talent, completion guarantors, banks, and private investors. You will also get a thorough orientation to operating both production development and single-purpose production companies along with website access to powerful greenlighting, financing, spreadsheets and organization charts that allow you to put the lessons learned to work.

Independent Feature Film Production

Although filmmaking within the Hollywood system often results in great films of exceptional quality, it can also result in a lot of frustration and failure. That is because filmmaking in Hollywood is more about deal making than it is about the creation of a film. The priority of the studio executives is to make money by selling franchise films to stores and theme park attractions. Hefty overhead costs, union rules, and a general unwillingness of stars and film makers to take fee cuts all contribute to an environment that makes it difficult for a new filmmaker to succeed.

Independent filmmakers, especially those with low budgets, are usually motivated by the limitless freedom of artistic expression and by a desire to present the perspectives of a wide diversity of experiences and viewpoints. This book provides the information a first-time independent filmmaker will need to navigate through the technical and legal maze that has the potential to stifle the creative effort.

Shot by Shot: A Practical Guide to Filmmaking

Filmmakers come from many backgrounds, disciplines and passions. They make movies for a myriad of reasons: to entertain, convey emotion, deliver information, and more. Filmmaking takes time, commitment and an understanding of the entire process. This book focuses on the essential technical basics of video production, including the equipment and techniques you need to succeed.

This clear, easy-to-read introductory text is designed for the beginning filmmaker working in high definition digital video or 16mm or super-8 film. The book begins by covering the basic language and processes of filmmaking, and then moves on to specifics like camera and lens selection, framing and blocking, and Continuity editing.

From a trusted author and educator comes the most practical guide yet to preparing, planning and shooting your movie. Whether you are an experienced director seeking new design ideas, or a newcomer stretching low-budget dollars, this resourceful book will show you the way to success.

Think Outside the Box Office: The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to Distribution and Marketing

Filmmaking is a hands-on, practical pursuit that requires both creative and business skills. These books take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of filmmaking, covering everything from writing screenplays to finding funding to shooting to distribution.

From the author of a popular video production guide, this book provides in-depth coverage on intellectual property laws and financing, shooting, setting up the production, hiring directors and actors, securing locations, acquiring music, calculating profits, digital moving making, and more. An invaluable resource for novice movie producers.

A filmmaker’s guide to the ever-changing world of digital marketing and distribution, this book helps readers make sense of the new, complex challenges facing the industry. Featuring sample budgets, a list of helpful websites, and more, Think Outside the Box Office is a must-have for every independent filmmaker’s library.

From a filmmaker who has both the experience and the vision to back up his advice, this book takes a fresh approach to filmmaking by breaking it down into nine easy-to-follow steps. It is both a hands-on guide and a philosophical treatise on the nature of cinema, providing a clear explanation of why certain techniques are used in movies.

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